Video installation for two synchronized images, 19’40

SYNOPSIS - A morning of spring in front of the building where they usually meet, four people in their early twenties are the victims of an attack : the singer Pablo Adam dies right in front of his girlfriend Zoe Jaspers, her brother Thomas and Felix Jeanneret, a traveller passing through. The three survivors try to overcome their loss through their respective artistic practices : a sculpture hosting images of the deceased, photographs revealing an escape, and a novel imagining another outcome of the attack, all gathered around the film telling their story.

CREDITS - with Valentine Cadic, Pablo Cobo, Nicolas Lancelin & Naël Malassagne. Director of photography Julia Mingo. Editing & original music Romain Kronenberg. Additional musics Alice Daquet & Pablo Cobo. Produced by Delphine Schmit (Perspective Films). With the support of the Centre National des arts plastiques (National Center for Visual Arts), France.


Video installation for two synchronized images, 19’40

A fragile tension is the completion of a process made of several steps, that first consisted in the making of two invididual artworks : Nothing but earth, drier and drier and The shape of its body with the excess of dust. Conceived as a diptych, this work puts side by side two situations and territories as the countershot of each other : a man who left aboard a cargo ship in search of a new world, two men who stayed behind waiting for the scout to show the way ; a cargo ship on the high seas, an arid land ; two kurdish speaking men, a french speaking man ; but the same radio transmitter that allows for contact, and that slowly gets lost, and most of all a shared universal stake : the necessity to believe.

CREDITS – Mehmet Korkut, Mazlum Adıgüzel, Adrien Dantou & Baver Doğanay. Traduction kurde par Kawa Nemir.


film 21 minutes / installation

A symbiotic love unites TWO with ONE, two women living a contemporary house plunged into an infinite night. Day after day, terrifying and cosmic dreams disturb TWO’s sleep. As a result, the whole house gets shaken. First, ONE tries to reassure TWO. But she soon understands that the drawings she secretly produces and that prepare a radical action she’s about to commit are behind the dreams devastating TWO. Despite her love, ONE achieves her project. Under the gaze of her beloved passing away, ONE gives birth to the daylight, and dies in her turn, irreconcilable with the world she just let emerge and that announces humanity.

CREDITS - Produced by Delphine Schmit (Perspective Films), with Audrey Bonnet & Nathalie Richard, director of photography Julia Mingo, first assistant Tünde Deak, sound engineer Alix Clément, electrician Thomas Coulomb. With support from SACEM, Pôle-Image HauteNormandie and PROCIREP-ANGOA.


vidéo, 15 min 50, 4k, son stéréo

Two men are settled in an inhospitable land waiting for a scout to come back. He has gone in search of a new land where life would again be possible. The two teams keep in contact thanks to radio transmitters. The scout regularly gives news, telling his journey and the infinite desert that more and more surrounds him. All day long, the two men stayed behind are waiting for the scout to give news. Unfortunately, the quality of the signal in the radio transmitter is getting bad. Interferences appear until the voice completely disappears. The two men have lost contact with the scout and now face their own responsibility : should they stay behind ? should they, in their turn, throw themselves into the desert in search of the new land ?

CREDITS - with Mehmet Korkut, Mazlum Adıgüzel & Bawer Doğanay. Kurdish translation by Kawa Nemir.


film 45 min / installation with sculptures, 3D printings, music, photographs, drawings

INSTALLATION - The installation invites to discover the film accompanied with traces, records and elements of its making : sculptures, photographs, 3D printings. SYNOPSIS - Marcher puis disparaître unfolds the trajectory of a man who, coming from the distance, goes through the daily life of a small Turkish city at dawn. He reaches its boudaries, heading for no man’s lands. He breaks through the ecumene and discovers a vast salt lake where he abandons himself to climate.

CREDITS – with the support of Centre National des arts plastiques (Image/Mouvement), Fondation nationale des arts graphiques et plastiques, and Centre national de la cinématographie et de l’image animée (Nouveaux médias).

PUBLIC COLLECTION – FNAC (Fonds national d’art contemporain)